Enabling Customer Support for your Food Business

August 4, 2023

Layering in the Proper Customer Support into your Business

We all love food.  Sometimes we love it even more when it’s delivered to us.  Wait, who are we kidding, of course we love it when it’s delivered to us.  Front doors around the world have transformed into the results of scrolling through TikTok recipes at 12:37AM.  Right now your neighbor is getting a delivery of Pancake Cereal while you wait for some chili oil you saw in Reels to make viral garlic chili oil noodles.  And so as we live in a culture of “the phone eats first”, for a product to live up to its viral hype, it better be backed by strong customer support.  Is it vegan?  Is it sustainable?  Is it vegan, (some people just really need to know) are examples of what DTC food brands get asked daily.  Your support needs to be top-notch if you’re going to fulfill food products to all of these hungry TikTok doom scrollers.  Let us give you a flavor of what Dedication Agents is all about when it comes to food.

Navigating the Challenges of the DTC Food World

Taste the Rainbow

Most consumers want a buffet, both online and in real life thus food brands tend to come in a multitude of flavors and styles.  Keeping up with all the flavors KitKat offers can seem like a task as tall as Mt. Fuji but with a little documentation, Dedication Agents has no trouble managing a multitude of sku’s within your brand.  The Agents are pre-trained on managing product variations.  When we work with food brands we expect you to have variations but we don’t expect you to have to spend the time it takes to churn butter to tell us what’s next on the menu.  Our team scales and moves as quickly as your brand does.

Handling Shipping and Delivery

Our job is to let you sleep easier at night knowing that you spent all day baking cookies and shipped them across the country.  While visions of sugar plum fairies bounce across your entrepreneurial dreams, our team manages all logistics around returns and refunds, while ensuring deliveries take place when they are supposed to.  And to put your flour-filled hands at ease, we set you up with automations based on your policies so you can think more about what kind of cookie to make and less about if your cookies actually arrived on time.

Addressing Customer Questions 

What’s your water made out of?  Ever get that question?  Do you know how to handle it?  Dedication Agents does.  The amount and myriad of questions we get from customers on their orders does not scathe us.  We only become more durable like an overcooked steak.  Whether customers have specific dietary concerns or just wanted to know if your sugar-free gummy bears have sugar in them, we take on all customer inquiries so you can focus on what matters most to your business, posting recipes on TikTok.  (just kidding…sort of)

The Customer Support Secret Sauce

Build Consumer Trust

Getting the world to try your secret tomato sauce requires a lot of trust built up from hours of pleading with them to put it on their pasta.  You’ll get there eventually with the right nonna behind the scenes.  But the way you keep that trust and ensure they come back for more is with the right support system behind the scenes.  Arm your store with a team of ninjas who aim to please - we love food too, after all!

Drive More Sales

Did you know that if you make good tasting products people will buy more?  BUT did you know that if your customer service is top notch, people will buy EVEN more?  Yes you need support to answer customer questions.  But with the right team behind the scenes, they’ll also sell for you by being responsive to customers who are uncertain if your matcha tea is the right one for them.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Everyone and their Uncle Ray has a sweet bbq sauce.  How do you get people to buy yours over your competitions?   You do this by being responsive to all incoming customer inquiries.  You tell us what your SLA’s are for customer responsiveness and we’ll match or beat them with flying colours.  

Dedication Agents are your Customer Support Sous Chefs

The DA Dashboard: Customer Support Mission Control

Everyone loves a one stop shop for all their grocery needs, why should your customer support be any different?  Our dashboard syncs directly with your Gorgias account, ensuring efficient management of all of your FAQ’s, responses, and communication consistency.  See the health of your customer support interactions, share updates to our Agents on anything going on with your business, and streamline communication for any customer inquiries that require your feedback.

Scaling as your food (baby) business grows

When we say, “Set it and forget it”, are you also thinking of rotisserie chicken?  If not, we’ll let you Google that.  But with Dedication Agents you set us and forget us (in a good way).  We scale to any size online store without you needing to go back and wonder if you have enough resources.  As your store’s orders scale up or down, our support flexes alongside your business.  As a result, you can focus on growing your business while we keep mixing/stirring/peeling behind the scenes - we’re running out of metaphors here clearly!

When it comes to food products, not only is it a fun topic but it can also be a very sensitive topic.  Consumers like buying food from brands that they not only enjoy but also from brands that they can trust.  It takes the right team to work with and elevate your brand.  At Dedication Agents, we pride ourselves on being the DTC food brands’ sous chefs, supporting food entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes so that they can do what they do best, feeding the world one TikTok video at a time.  

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August 4, 2023