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With over 1M subs on YouTube, iKnowAyrel launched his first streetwear drop. We supported over 1,250 orders in the first month with 100 incoming tickets. We reduced the amount of issues iKnowAyrel's team had to deal with by over 90%

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Andrew, Jonathon + team were incredibly awesome; the human, empathetic touch to what they do is incredibly appreciated as a founder of a small team.

Hayley S.
Founder, One With

The DA team's strong communication, adaptability, and proactive problem-solving have contributed to our shared success. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Greg D.
Founder, Pay The Price

What I appreciate most about working with Dedication Agents is their commitment to collaboration and communication. They provide regular updates and are always open to feedback, making the partnership feel like a true collaboration rather than a client-vendor relationship.

Alex P.
ECom Director, Paq Jonathan

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dedication Agents for a while now, & I can confidently say that our partnership has been nothing short of exceptional. Beyond their expertise & professionalism, their team has also shown a genuine care for our success.

Paul S.
Ecom Director, LDR Village

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover Quick Answers: Explore Our FAQ for Immediate Insights on AI and Human Agent Integration, Service Flexibility, and More
What happens when I go over my ticket limit?

Exceeding your ticket limit may incur additional charges or temporarily affect service availability until the next billing cycle.

Which platforms is Dedication familiar with?

Dedication is proficient in various platforms including, but not limited to, Gorgias, Shopify, and Front App.

What if I need more changes done to my Gorgias after the tune-up is complete?

Post-tune-up adjustments can be arranged. Please contact support for further customization options.

Can I pause my service/plan?

Service plans can be paused under certain conditions. Refer to our terms of service or contact support for details.

What will my working relationship be like with the Dedication Agents resource?

Your relationship with Dedication Agents will be collaborative and supportive, focusing on seamless integration with your team to enhance customer service.

Do I need to have both AI and human agents in my support plan?

Having both AI and human agents is not mandatory but recommended for optimal support coverage and efficiency in handling diverse customer needs.