We Hired A Call Center And It Hurt More Than It Helped

March 2, 2024

Dedication Agents Washes Traditional BPO's

Remote outsourcing is meant to be a cost effective solution for scaling customer service agents. After working with over a dozen BPO’s or Call Centers, as they are affectionately known, we've come to see the short falls of going this route.

From minimum contracts to high monthly agent costs, scaling your business with BPO’s is challenging and you can easily over-spend and still have the burden of having to manage a team.

Traditional BPOs: A Stumbling Block for Efficient Customer Service?

The Limitations of Contract Requirements

Traditional BPOs often require businesses to commit to long-term contracts, which lack flexibility and can be a barrier to scaling up or down based on business needs. In contrast, Dedication Agents offers flexibility with its SaaS platform, accommodating changes as your business evolves.

The Challenge of Multiple Agent Teams

With BPOs, businesses have to deal with multiple agent teams, leading to inconsistencies in customer service quality and brand representation. Dedication Agents eliminates this issue by providing a dedicated team that understands your brand and ensures consistent communication.

The Overhead of Training and Management

With traditional BPOs, businesses need to invest time and resources in training, onboarding, and managing staff, taking away focus from their core operations. Dedication Agents reduces this overhead by handling all these aspects, allowing businesses to concentrate on their primary responsibilities.  Since Dedication Agents focuses solely on e-commerce, the Agents come ready with world class e-commerce customer service skills, requiring only to learn your brand, while taking care of the rest.

The Economic Trade-off

While outsourcing overseas might seem cost-effective, some BPOs overcharge for their services, negating the economic benefit. Dedication Agents, with its transparent pricing model, offers businesses a more cost-effective and reliable solution.  The pricing model was built around the specific needs of an e-commerce business, enabling enough flexibility for any sized store to acquire an Agent’s support and scale up or down without incurring unnecessary costs.

The Next Generation of Customer Service with Dedication Agents

Seamless Integration

Dedication Agents seamlessly integrates with Gorgias, offering a comprehensive and intuitive dashboard to manage customer interactions. This modern, technology-driven approach provides an edge over the traditional call-center model of BPOs.

Scalable Solutions

As a SaaS platform, Dedication Agents provides scalable customer support solutions. Whether your business is growing rapidly or facing a seasonal dip, Dedication Agents can adjust its services accordingly, offering a level of flexibility that traditional BPOs often lack.

Data-Driven Insights

Dedication Agents goes beyond handling customer inquiries, providing data-driven insights to improve customer service. The SaaS platform collects and analyzes data to understand customer behavior better and optimize interactions, a feature usually absent in traditional BPO models.

Why Dedication Agents is the Future of Customer Service

Fostering Consistent Brand Communication

With Dedication Agents, businesses can ensure consistent brand representation as the same team handles all customer interactions. This leads to a unified brand voice and improved customer satisfaction.

Reducing Management Overhead

Dedication Agents takes care of training, onboarding, and managing customer support staff, freeing businesses from these time-consuming tasks. This allows businesses to focus more on their core operations.

Offering Cost-Efficient Solutions

Dedication Agents offers transparent pricing and cost-efficient solutions, providing businesses with superior customer service without the high costs associated with traditional BPOs.

The burden of managing a staff can easily become overwhelming. With responsibilities such as payroll, scheduling, and productivity reviews, this can consume an exponential amount of time. Instead, this time could be better spent on building your audience, marketing funnels, products, and brand.

The amount of actual tickets you’ll have to review to ensure agents are working efficiently and providing accurate solutions is another deterrent from focusing on building the business. Managing a customer service team means actually having to do customer service. 

Dedication was designed to serve as the next generation of customer support. It's not just about providing customer service agents; we build the actual customer service operations to ensure you don't have to spend time in the weeds. From streamlining policies and customer communication to managing your helpdesk, Dedication provides comprehensive coverage from A to Z, allowing you to go from zero to one hundred.

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March 2, 2024